Revision Spine Surgery Specialist

David Chang, MD-PhD, DABNS

Complex Spine Neurosurgeon located in Roseville, MN

Spine surgery helps many people get relief from their back and neck pain. Unfortunately, some people may continue to have pain following surgical intervention. Complex spine neurosurgeon David Chang, MD-PhD, DABNS, in Roseville, Minnesota, specializes in revision spine surgery for patients experiencing failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS). To schedule a revision spine surgery consultation with the highly skilled neurosurgeon, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Revision Spine Surgery Q&A

What is revision spine surgery?

Revision spine surgery refers to procedures that correct previous spine surgeries that fail to provide the expected outcomes. 

Spine surgery is complex, and though many people get good results, some may continue to experience pain and discomfort following their surgery. This is known as failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) or failed spine. 

FBSS isn’t a syndrome but a condition where you continue to have chronic back pain following surgical intervention. This continued pain may occur for any number of reason, including:

  • An underlying medical condition such as diabetes
  • Formation of scar tissue at the surgical site
  • Failure of bone fusion
  • Hardware failure
  • Recurring herniated disc

No matter the cause of your continued back pain, you may be searching for treatments to help you get long-term relief. Dr. Chang has extensive experience with failed spine surgery and can perform even the most complex procedures to help you get the relief you need. 

Am I a candidate for revision spine surgery?

Dr. Chang determines if you’re a candidate for revision spine surgery during a consultation. 

He reviews your symptoms, medical and surgical history, and performs a physical exam. Dr. Chang also runs imaging tests to better understand the underlying cause of your continued back pain. 

Dr. Chang uses the information gathered during your evaluation to determine if he can help you get relief from your back pain with revision spine surgery. You may be a candidate if your doctor feels confident he can fix the underlying cause of your ongoing back pain. 

Conditions Dr. Chang can correct with revision spine surgery include:

  • Recurring herniated disc
  • Infection
  • Hardware failure
  • Lack of bone fusion (pseudoarthrosis)

Dr. Chang also performs revision spine surgery if you’re experiencing degenerative changes to the areas adjacent to your original spine surgery. 

What happens during revision spine surgery?

Revision spine surgery is complex, and Dr. Chang creates individual surgical plans that address your specific needs. He reviews the details of the procedure at your pre-surgical consultation.

When possible, Dr. Chang uses minimally invasive techniques when performing revision spine surgery.

Some patients go home the same day, but Dr. Chang may have you spend a few days at the hospital following your revision spine surgery. Once discharged, he refers you to physical therapy to support your recovery and schedules follow-up appointments to monitor your progress.

When you continue to have back pain after spine surgery, Dr. Chang can help. Schedule your revision spine surgery consultation by calling his office or booking online today.