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David Chang, MD-PhD, DABNS

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Damaged intervertebral discs in your spine are a common cause of neck and back pain. To relieve pain and restore spine function, complex spine neurosurgeon David Chang, MD-PhD, DABNS, in Roseville, Minnesota, performs artificial disc replacement surgery. Schedule an appointment with the board-certified neurosurgeon to see if an artificial disc replacement can help you get the pain relief you need. Call the office or book a consultation online today.

Artificial Disc Replacement Q&A

What is an artificial disc replacement?

An artificial disc replacement is a surgical procedure that exchanges a damaged intervertebral disc with a prosthetic disc. The artificial disc functions just like your natural disc and alleviates pain while restoring normal spine function.

Dr. Chang is a skilled neurosurgeon specializing in complex spine procedures. He performs artificial disc replacement for damaged discs in the cervical and lumbar spine using minimally invasive techniques. 

What conditions benefit from an artificial disc replacement?

Dr. Chang may recommend an artificial disc replacement if you have a damaged intervertebral disc that affects your quality of life. 

Intervertebral discs are cushion-like pillows separating each of the vertebral bones that make up your spine. These discs act as shock-absorbers during weight-bearing activities and support the flexibility of your spine so you can bend and twist your upper body. 

Dr. Chang may recommend artificial disc replacement if you have a bulging or herniated disc or degenerative spinal disc disease that pinches or compresses your spinal cord or spinal nerves, causing pain and limiting mobility. 

What happens during artificial disc replacement?

Dr. Chang is a skilled neurosurgeon and creates individual surgical plans specific to your needs. He reviews the details of your artificial disc replacement procedure during your pre-surgical consultation so you know what to expect.

When possible, Dr. Chang uses a minimally invasive approach when performing artificial disc replacement. He makes an incision in the back of your spine, removes the damaged disc, and replaces it with the prosthetic disc. Dr. Chang sutures your incisions and sends you to the recovery area.

With a minimally invasive approach, you may be up and walking around soon after the procedure and be able to go home the same day. However, if needed, Dr. Chang may have you remain in the hospital for monitoring and care. 

What happens after artificial disc replacement?

While results vary, many patients experience improvements in their neck or back pain within a few weeks or months after their artificial disc replacement procedure. Dr. Chang schedules regular follow-up appointments to monitor your progress.

To get relief from your constant neck or back pain, call the office of David Chang, MD-PhD, DABNS, or book an appointment online to schedule your artificial disc replacement consultation today.