S.H. – Patient Story


Procedure: Cervical Fusion Surgery

What was your initial medical issue?

While on vacation in Hawaii I began having difficulty walking. My feet and legs started to give way underneath me when I walked. On the flight home my legs went completely numb. I couldn’t stand or walk at all.

What did this issue prevent you doing?

The EMTs had to come and take me off of the plane. They drove me right to the nearest hospital, where I had an MRI and CT scan. The hospital staff called in Dr. Chang at 11:30 at night, and he immediately suggested surgery.

What made you decide to do something about your problem?

I didn’t have much of a choice. My spinal nerves were so compressed that I was risking paralysis if I didn’t have surgery.

Why did you choose Dr. Chang?

When I met Dr. Chang it felt like I had known him for years. He was polite, sympathetic to my condition, and explained everything to me. He answered all my questions and put my mind at rest.

What treatment/procedure did you have done?

Cervical fusion of the spine.

How did you feel after treatment?

I was out of the hospital four days after surgery and on a plane back home. My neck has never bothered me since and the numbness in my legs has significantly decreased. Dr. Chang even called me 8 weeks after my operation to check in. No doctor does that! He is truly an amazing surgeon and I would go back to him in an instant if I needed another surgery.

What advice would you give other patients in a similar situation to you?

Don’t wait or put off the surgery if you need it.


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