Patient Testimonials


See what some of Dr. Chang’s previous surgery patients had to say about his care:

pre-op vs. post-op

“Dr. Chang made me feel very comfortable and safe. The morning of my surgery, he came to talk to me. He told me he had been thinking about my surgery all night and would not let anything bad happen to me. He was incredibly kind and caring. I feel so fortunate that he was the doctor who was there the night I came in! Since the surgery, I’ve had two more children (I now have four) and pride myself on being an avid walker and an active mom.”

S.C., Spinal Fusion Surgery Patient

“When I met Dr. Chang it felt like I had known him for years. He was polite, sympathetic to my condition, and explained everything to me. He answered all my questions and put my mind at rest.”

S. H., Cervical Fusion Patient

“Dr. Chang was very truthful with me – telling me what would happen if I put off the surgery – he was sure right. That changed my mind right away. Before the surgery everything was explained in great detail. They even had a class at the hospital. My friends asked me if I would do it again. Absolutely – I feel so very good now and I sure didn’t before. Thank you Dr. Chang and staff!”

-D.R., Spine Surgery Patient


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