Spine & Brain Tumor Surgery


Surgery is a common treatment approach for tumors in the spine and brain. Even benign tumors can pose a threat to the spinal nerves and other structures in the brain. There are numerous procedures that can be used to treat these tumors, which we will explain below.

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Types of Spine & Brain Tumor Surgery

There are various types of procedures that can be used to treat spine and brain tumors. Here are a few of the most common:

  • Sometimes biopsy procedures are performed to confirm whether or not a tumor is malignant or benign. This surgery involves removing a part of the tumor for testing.
  • Spine Tumor Excision. Removal of all or part of a tumor near the spine.

These are the most commonly used surgical procedures for treating brain and spine tumors. The specific procedures, preparation requirements, and recovery times will vary based on the procedure and the patient.

Brain Tumor Surgery in St. Paul, MN

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