Getting The Most Out Of Your Visit With A Neurosurgeon


You’ve probably gone to the doctor before, but maybe you’ve never had a consultation with a neurologist. Because of this, you may not know what to expect as you prepare for your appointment. There are some things you can do to get the most out of your consultation with a neuro specialist. Today, we share some tips for maximizing your time spent with your neurosurgeon.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Visit

If you want to get the most out of your consultation with the specialist, there are some things you should do before and during the appointment. Here are some steps to consider:

  1. Document Your Symptoms – It can be difficult to remember exactly what symptoms you have been dealing with, when they develop and the amount of pain they caused. Consider creating a symptom journal where you write down some simple things about when pain develops and what symptoms you’re experiencing. It makes for an easy reference guide and will allow the neurosurgeon to get a better understanding of the totality of your symptoms.
  2. Be On Time – We understand that you have a lot going on, but do your best to arrive early and be on time for your appointment. This will help ensure you’ll have the doctor’s full attention, and you won’t feel like you are being rushed. We try to take our time with each patient to give them the attention and care they deserve, but if everybody is running late, things can feel rushed. If this is your first appointment, consider arriving at least 15 minutes early, because you’ll likely have to complete some paperwork.
  3. Be Honest – Your neurosurgeon is there to help you get better, and they can’t do that if you aren’t completely honest about your condition and your lifestyle. Don’t lie or tell half truths about your pain, your exercise habits or your dietary choices. Every answer you give helps your doctor get a better understand of exactly what’s going on. You’re only hurting yourself by lying or telling half truths to your neurosurgeon.
  4. Stay On Task – If you’ve met with your neurosurgeon before, it can be easy to get caught in a world of small talk. Doctors want to make the patient feel comfortable, but there also needs to be a balance between catching up and focusing on the task at hand, which is helping you get better. It may be easier to talk about your child’s recital instead of your frequent migraines, but remember why you are in their office.
  5. Ask Questions – Neurosurgeons love when their patients ask questions because it helps to show that they are truly invested in getting better. Come prepared with some questions, or ask them to explain some things you might not fully understand during your consultation. Asking questions can also help put your mind at ease about your condition and treatment schedule.
  6. Follow the Doctor’s Instructions – Finally, one of the best ways to get the most out of your doctor’s appointment is to follow the instructions they give you during your meeting. If they say to take two pills a day, avoid fatty foots and partake in physical therapy, then make sure you take those pills, make good dietary choices and show up to all your physical therapy appointments. Neurosurgeons can’t just wave their arms and make you better, you have to put in the work. Follow your doctor’s instructions, and you’ll be off to a good start.

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