What Patients Are Saying About Their Care With Dr. Chang

We love helping patients put their spine or brain condition in the past, and we love hearing from satisfied patients. We can tell you about the level of care we strive to provide each patient, but we know that hearing it from others who have gone through our system and worked with Dr. Chang will carry a lot more weight than what our words can do alone. Because of this, we wanted to share some of the messages and reviews that patients have written about us.

For reference, these are all public reviews that you can view on our Facebook and Google pages. We have patient testimonials on our website, but because we control what gets posted on our website, we thought it would provide a more authentic representation of our work if we share reviews on sites that we can’t control. So here’s a look at what patients are saying about Dr. Chang and his medical team.

The Patient Experience

I can’t express enough how pleased I am with my experience with Dr. Chang and his staff. He performed a very complicated cervical fusion and the outcome was better than I could have hoped for. He was very thorough and honest explaining what my outcome would have been without surgery vs very realistic possibilities if I did proceed with surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Chang with any neurosurgery procedure!

Dr. Chang took extreme care with my Mother. He made sure all our questions were answered with a kind and thoughtful manner.

I can’t thank Dr. Chang enough for taking away over 18 years of neck pain! I can now move my neck! The first time I met Dr. Chang I felt that my needs were of the utmost importance to him and that I had the best doctor for the needed surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Chang!

I couldn’t say enough good things about Dr. Chang he’s definitely changed my life I am not in pain any more I just wanted to thank you and your team thank you so much for being there for me and helping me through the the process of surgery and everything that was involved.

I went to see Dr Chang for a second opinion. From the moment he walked into the exam room, I felt very comfortable with him. He showed me on my MRI screenshot what I needed done and why. My appointment was towards the end of a beautiful summer Friday. I felt like he wasn’t rushed to leave for the weekend; I felt more at ease with Dr Chang in a few minutes than I had at 2 appointments with a previous neurosurgeon. Because of my successful surgery and recovery, I have already had 2 co-workers see him for their issues. By the way, I live just over 2 hours north of the cities!

Great surgeon and have had amazing results. Previous to Dr. Chang I meet with another very well known back surgeon, who after reviewing my files said she could do the operation. However, I would be in full body brace for 6 months, 3 months with half and 18 months before I would be healed. Dr. Chang: what an amazing experience. Had the surgery and 5 weeks later, no brace at all, I am back to work. I am 73 and work full time. I have not missed work since the surgery. Initially I was skeptical, but because of the 1st surgeon. Dr. Chang, I would absolutely refer to anyone with back problems. I am not sure 5 stars are enough for what he has accomplished.

I went to Dr. Chang as a third opinion. A couple other doctors recommended a spinal fusion, this was to be my third back surgery and I was not yet 40. The moment I met Dr Chang, I felt strangely relaxed, something I didn’t feel with the other doctors I met with. He took the time to explain everything and even drew me pictures of exactly what he was going to do and what was wrong with my back. I was so happy with his demeanor, that I scheduled my fusion with him instead of my normal surgeon. I’m so happy I did. It is now 8 months later, I can walk, stand, and sit without pain. He gave me back a quality of life I thought I would never have again. I would recommend him to everyone and he will be my back doctor going forward. Thank you Dr. Chang!!!

I want to say that my experience with Dr. Chang yesterday was fantastic. My wife and I couldn’t have been more pleased. Now I’ve got a ways to go to gauge the outcome of my surgery since it was just yesterday but my experience with Dr. Chang was great. He explained everything, took the time to answer every question my wife or I had, he is very kind and has a sense of humor. Not once seemed to be rushed to move on to the next one. I got the impression he cares greatly about his patients and is very genuine person. My whole experience at United? My wife and I couldn’t have come away more pleased and impressed.

You know your in good hands when Dr. Chang is in your corner! He is a very talented neurosurgeon, and a kind man. He did surgery on my S1 lumbar disc. This is my 4th spine surgery, with each done by a different surgeon. I had such a great experience this time that I would not trust anyone else. Dr. Chang is smart, caring, and very thorough. My disc fusion looks like absolute perfection on my x-rays. My hospital stay was awesome. The nursing staff were fantastic. My follow up appointments have been excellent. The whole experience has been wonderful.

If you want to start your own journey to relief with Dr. Chang, reach out to his clinic today!

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