What Makes A Great Neurosurgeon?

If you need to undergo spine or brain surgery, you want to trust your care to the best in the business. But what makes a good neurosurgeon, and what factors should you be looking for when choosing who should perform your surgery? We explain what makes a good neurosurgeon in today’s blog.

Great Neurosurgeons Have These Five Things In Common

The best neurosurgeons share these five qualities.

1. Experience – The old adage says that practice makes perfect, and experience is what sets apart good neurosurgeons from the best. That’s not to say that a surgeon with 1,000 surgeries under their belt is always better than someone who has performed 500 surgeries, but with experience comes knowledge. Not just knowledge of the procedure, but knowledge of how to adjust and react in real time, as every brain or spine presents its own unique challenges. Look for a surgeon with years of experience.

2. Specific Focus – Experience is important, but so too is the right experience. After all, the fact that your surgeon is regarded as the best disc replacement surgeon in the area isn’t all that relevant to you if you need brain tumor removal surgery. Make sure you surgeon has plenty of experience with the specific condition you’re dealing with. Ask how they’ve handled the condition in the past, and how they expect your treatment to proceed.

3. Attentive – During your initial visit with the surgeon, see how attentive they are to your questions and concerns. A great surgeon will always make the patient feel like a priority, even if they are running behind. If the doctor seems rushed, disinterested or isn’t really attempting to make a connection with you, consider finding another surgeon. You want a surgeon who is really committed to helping you, and if they aren’t giving you the time of day, it could be a sign of their commitment to your care.

4. Listener – Similar to the above point, great neurosurgeons are always good listeners. Many doctors can easily fall into the trap where they end up talking at the patient instead of being engaged in the conversation. Even when we’re aware of this pitfall, it can be easy to dominate the conversation because you have answers and are eager to help. However, the best neurosurgeons listen to the patient, answer their questions and heed their concerns. Interactions between patients and surgeons need to be a two-way conversation.

5. Skill – Finally, above all else you want a neurosurgeon that is skilled in what they do. But how exactly can you judge a surgeon’s skill without ever having seen it first hand? We always recommend that prospective patients check out the online reviews of the surgeons they are considering to see what other patients have said about their care. This feedback, along with word of mouth reviews, can make all the difference when choosing a surgeon. Awards, recognition, publications and continuing education certifications can also speak to a surgeon’s skill.

We believe Dr. Chang and his team have all five qualities listed above, and we’d love to prove it to you. For more information, or to set up an appointment at our clinic, give us a call today at (651) 430-3800.

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