Should You Get A Second Opinion Before Spine Or Brain Surgery?

No matter whether you’re having an intricate brain surgery or a minor cosmetic operation, you want to know that you’re making the best choice for your health. Many times that assurance can be found by seeking out a second opinion. We’ve provided patients with our fair share of second opinions and we’ve directed patients to trusted sources so they can seek out another opinion after we’ve provided an initial diagnosis. In today’s blog, we explain why second opinions are very important if you’ve been told you need spine or brain surgery.

The Value of a Second Opinion

A second opinion can be an invaluable resource for someone who has been told they need surgery on their spine or brain. Some of the benefits include:

Confirmation – If two doctors are seeing the same thing and recommend the same procedure, you can trust that the recommended option is in your best interest.

Reduces Anxiety – Along the same lines, the prospect of surgery can seem daunting, but you’ll feel better knowing that multiple doctors are recommending the operation. If you know that this is the right treatment for you, it can help mitigate stress levels before the operation.

Surgery Avoidance – In some cases, the second surgeon may view the condition differently than the first, and they may suggest a non-operative treatment routine. If conservative care can provide relief, getting that second opinion may have prevented an invasive and costly surgery.

Surgeon Choice – By having two surgeons look at your condition and make a recommendation, you’ll be able to make a determination as to which care team may be best suited to handle your surgery. You can pick the surgeon who makes you feel most at ease or who has the most experience with the specific surgery. At a minimum, a second consultation will allow you to choose which doctor you want to perform your operation.

You Have Time – If you’ve been told that you need brain or spine surgery, it may seem like an imminent need, but the vast majority of patients don’t need to undergo surgery as soon as possible. Don’t rush into a decision because you believe you need to pick a doctor and get the surgery done right away. Unless it’s a very rare issue, you’ll have time to get a second set of eyes on your condition.

Doctors Don’t Mind – Finally, any good surgeon won’t mind that you are seeking out a second opinion. The best surgeons actually appreciate that the patient is taking all their options into consideration and making the best choice for their health. If your surgeon gets mad or short with you when you mention seeking a second opinion, it’s probably a sign that they aren’t a good fit for you in the first place.

So if you need a second opinion for your brain or spine condition, contact Dr. Chang’s office today.

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