Minnesota Has The Best Doctors in the Nation

A new study by the research site WalletHub suggests that Minnesota has some of the best doctors and surgeons in the United States.

To determine which states have the best healthcare systems and doctors, researchers looked at 11 key metrics. A few of the metrics they examined included number of hospitals per 100,000 residents, percentage of insured population, competition between doctors, malpractice claims per capita and board disciplinary actions. Eight measures comprised the category “Opportunity and Competition” and three metrics made up the category “Medical Quality”. Ranks were given for both category, and a total combined rank was also assigned.

Minnesota Tops Medical Quality List

Here’s a look at the top five states in each category:

Opportunity and Competition

1. Mississippi

2. South Dakota

3. Iowa

4. Idaho

5. North Dakota

Medical Quality

1. Minnesota

2. Wisconsin

3. South Carolina

4. Texas

5. California

Overall Rank

1. Mississippi

2. Iowa

3. Minnesota

4. North Dakota

5. Idaho

As you can see, Minnesota came in ranked number one in Medical Quality. For those of you wondering, Minnesota came in at 17th in terms of Opportunity and Competition. Minnesota also ranked well in a number of sub-categories, as we finished 3rd in fewest disciplinary actions imposed by the state board, 2nd in lowest malpractice claim payouts and 2nd in least expensive malpractice claim insurance.

What this shows is that it’s great to be both a patient and a doctor here in Minnesota. Minnesotans have access to, as this study puts it, the best medical quality in the United States, and for doctors looking for opportunities and competition, we still rank in the top 20. I am proud to be a practicing surgeon in Minnesota.

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