How To Prep Each Room Of Your House Before Spine Surgery

When it comes to having a successful rehab after spine surgery, you’ll want to put in some work before you go under the knife to make your life a little easier post-op. One of the biggest things you can do to help your rehab along is to prep your house before you head in for surgery. But what kind of things should you be doing to get your house in order prior to surgery? Below, we provide a room by room cheat sheet to help prep your home before spine surgery.

A Room By Room Prep Guide Before Back Surgery

Here are some things you’ll want to do in each room of your house to make life a little easier once you return home after spine surgery.

Living Room – Pick up any clothes, toys or items that could be considered a tripping hazard, and consider vacuuming before your operation so you don’t feel the need to after surgery. Have books, entertainment options and charging cables in easy to reach places if your main recovery area is going to be in the living room.

Kitchen – Cooking may not be easy after surgery, but you’re still going to want to eat healthy during this crucial stage of recovery so your body gets the nutrients it needs. Before surgery, prep some healthy, easy to reheat meals so you’ll have quick access to healthy options. Also, be sure to do the dishes, and consider investing in disposable utensils and paper plates so can prevent the need to do dishes during your immediate recovery. Be sure the fridge is stocked with essentials if grocery shopping is going to be a problem post-op.

Bedroom – Similar to the living room, you’re going to want to pick up any clothes and tripping hazards. You’ll also want to ensure charging cords and entertainment options are within arms reach. It’s also a good idea to invest in a water bottle to make it easier to stay hydrated during your recovery. Staying hydrated will help speed up your recovery, so keep a full bottle on your bedside table. Lay out some outfits before surgery if sifting through drawers and the closet will be a pain post-op.

Bathroom – If your doctor believes that the bathroom may provide some difficulties, invest in assistive devices like grab rails, seat raisers or shower seats. Make sure you understand your limitations for washing and cleaning the surgical site before you are discharged.

Laundry room – Now that you’ve picked up the dirty clothes, consider doing a load of laundry before you head into surgery. This will keep the laundry from piling up post-op, and it will help you feel like your house is in order.

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