8 Helpful Things To Do Before Spine Surgery

Spine surgery can be the perfect solution to your back pain woes, but the success of your operation doesn’t entirely depend on the skill of the treating surgeon. You may also be surprised to learn that it’s not just what you do during your post-op rehabilitation that will help spur your recovery.

Much of your recovery and post-op satisfaction will be fueled by some steps you took before your surgical procedure. In today’s blog, we highlight eight things you should consider doing before your spine surgery to help ensure your operation and recovery are a success.

8 Things To Do Before Back Surgery

If you pursue these eight things prior to your spine surgery, we’re confident you’ll be giving your body the best chance at an improved outcome.

1. Get A Second Opinion – Spine surgery is a huge decision. Even if you trust your surgeon, considering the stakes, it’s important to consider having a second set of eyes view the problem and confirm the original diagnosis and treatment plan.

2. Prehab – You don’t need to wait until your surgery is complete to start your rehab program. Studies have shown that patients who partake in a prehab strengthening program are more likely to have better outcomes than those who simply rely on a post-op recovery program. It’s never too early to form helpful rehabilitation habits, so start before your operation.

3. Improved Diet – Help your body get the nutrition it needs to help structures recover. A poor diet can also increase your risk of spinal inflammation, which can make symptoms worse before your operation.

4. Weight Loss – If you’re obese or overweight, consider working towards a healthier weight. Being overweight puts more stress on the spinal column, which will be in a weakened state following surgery. Strive to work towards a healthier weight, and your spine will be better off for it.

5. Ask Questions – If you’re feeling nervous or unsure about any aspect of your care leading up to your surgery, be sure to ask questions to your surgeon or medical team. They’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and help put your mind at ease.

6. Prep Your House – Get the laundry done, get your recovery station ready and prepare your house for life after spine surgery. The more you get done before your surgery, the less you’ll have to deal with right after your operation when discomfort is highest.

7. Meal Plan – Don’t just rely on takeout and frozen pizzas while you recover because your recent surgery makes cooking difficult. Prep some healthy, easy-to-reheat meals so that you don’t have to worry about spending an hour making a healthy meal after surgery.

8. Ride Arraignments – Odds are you won’t be able to drive home following surgery, so you’ll need to arrange a ride home. Many people also prefer to be driven to the surgical center on the day of their operation, so consider getting your ride situation sorted out well before your surgery date.

If you can do all eight of these things, we’re confident you’ll be giving your body the best chance at success both before and after your spine surgery. And if you want to trust you operation to one of the best spine surgeons in the area, look no further than Dr. Chang. Reach out to his clinic today.

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